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Sleep Disturbances

We are learning just how important quality sleep is to healthful functioning.  I have had many clients who complain of trouble sleeping.  There are countless reasons for this, some common ones being stress and worry, breathing dysfunction/apnea, pain, hormonal changes, hyperactive thyroid, too much computer too late at night, and on and on.

Usually clients get much better sleep right after their massage sessions . . . not including falling asleep during them!  For many of the reasons detailed elsewhere in this site, massage helps to enhance sleep.

Also, Jin Shin Jyutsu has special routines to help sleep, and JSJ in general will relax and make you drowsier if done late in the day.  JSJ is extremely effective with sleep issues and would be one of my first recommendations.

Guided imagery is another helpful adjunct for sleep difficulties.  I have had extensive training in GI and will be happy to suggest certain approaches.

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