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Reflexology is a term describing the treatment through pressure/massage/etc. of so-called “reflex points” in the body.  They are thought to occur in various locations, and most commonly treated in the feet, hands, or ears.  Reflex points are a more recent discovery, but are similar to the concept of acupuncture points and theory.   For example, one can find charts of reflex points in the ear, and similarly, charts of acupuncture points in the ear.  Personally, I have a feeling that if you trace it far enough back, there may be some connection.

In any event, classic reflexology holds that by massaging or “clearing” reflex points, say, in the feet, you can energize and clear problems in other body areas such as internal organs or joints.  Some people swear that they feel better after such treatments.

Personally, I’m not sure if the treatments work, but can almost guarantee that there is a connection of some kind.  If you know where to look for the right reflex point, a compromised physical area will almost always be reflected by soreness in the corresponding point.

I incorporate an awareness of reflex points into my general treatments.

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