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Other Massage Modalities

Other Massage Modalities at Columbus Jin Shin Jyutsu

During nearly thirty years of practice and experience, I’ve studied a number of additional healing and massage modalities.  Some of the techniques I’ve incorporated into my practice include:

sports massage

geriatric massage

pregnancy massage (with special pillow)

infant massage (we teach you)

massage for special conditions, such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, MS,  cancer, etc.

hospice massage

reflexology (it’s not just for feet!)

Other modalities available, as needed, include lymphatic drainage and fascial and cranial release techniques.

I’ve also become aware of the influence of color and sound, and other aspects of the holistic environment that may complement healing.  These are less clinically proven, but remain interesting to discuss and experiment with, if you’re interested.

Massage is great for sleep disturbances also.  Being able to relax and balance (and reduce pain) are important to enhance deep and uninterrupted sleep.  In fact, some clients fall asleep during massage!

Please be aware that Jin Shin Jyutsu is also very helpful for the above conditions.  Visit the Jin Shin Jyutsu links for more information.

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