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Massage Intro

The form I use is a more western-style massage using “Swedish” massage, deep tissue and trigger point release.  This gets the body systems moving and helps to eliminate toxins.

bottles“Swedish” massage is somewhat lighter than deep tissue.  It works the muscles and other tissue as a whole and tries to integrate circulation within the body.  Oil or lotion must be used in this process for smoothness of motion.  Do not underestimate the value of circulatory massage.   If the body is not reintegrated after compartmentalized deep tissue work, the energy can have difficulty flowing well.  That is why I prefer not to work on isolated areas only, without reintegrating through circulatory massage.

Deep tissue massage concentrates on more specific areas of pain and dysfunction.  Muscles and other tissue are worked more thoroughly and deeply, to the point of changing the actual tissue fibers.  It is a clinical approach which targets inflammation and congestion in those tissues.  It should be done only by a trained professional!

Deep tissue massage does not have to be done intrusively.  It can be deep and effective without harm. Pain relief can be swift and dramatic.  Endorphins (the body’s natural hormonal painkillers, stronger than morphine) are produced, which add to an immediate improvement in well-being.

There are clients who crave deep work, but there is a difference between what we call a “good hurt,” and “no pain, no gain.”  I am not a fan of the latter.  When the body resists, it is time to stop or pull back, even if the client is not in touch consciously with his/her body at the time.

Always . . . I encourage clients to communicate clearly with me during treatment, and to stop me immediately if that treatment becomes uncomfortable for them in any way.

Trigger point release is a type of deep tissue work that focuses on specific congested areas in muscle and other tissue.  Trigger points (TP’s) are unusual, somewhat tricky, in that they often have referral areas of pain that can be far from the site of the TP itself.  For example, you might have pain in the bottom of your foot which could be traced to a TP in your hip.  Or your big toe might hurt, caused by a TP in your upper shin muscle.  Working on the toe will be useless, but treating the TP in the shin will “magically” eliminate the toe pain!

After the Session

Other Massage Modalities

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