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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a specialized technique that is very different from conventional massage.  It is quite delicate and requires practice to develop sensitivity to the movement of the lymph.  Most know about “lymph nodes” in the body.  Lymph is a colorless fluid that moves through its own special circulation system that is quite extensive throughout the body.  Lymph moves by gravity, like the blood in veins.  Therefore, lack of activity and/or illness and dysfunction can cause a pathological collection of lymphatic fluid in the wrong places.  This must not be allowed to continue, for the lymphatic system is a very important part of the body’s garbage disposal system.  It collects and moves out cellular debris, including from infection, and many toxins and other substances that should not remain in the body for long.

It is helpful to use lymphatic drainage techniques after certain surgeries or injuries.  An example would be a black eye.  LD can get rid of the bruising more quickly.  Unsightly swelling after facial surgery can be dramatically alleviated at times with LD.  Some of my clients have requested that this be included in their treatment because they know how it helps.

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