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Infant Massage

Infant massage is a little different, in that it consists mainly of teaching the parents how to work with their infants.  Often this is done in small classes, but it can be on an individual basis also.  Babies are fragile, and special care should be taken to be gentle and not overdo this delicate touch.  A little goes a long way . . .    But if it is done thoughtfully and correctly, infants can benefit greatly from regular light massage designed specifically for little ones.   In fact, research has shown that babies who are not touched regularly and with sensitivity will develop “failure to thrive” syndrome, and that is a very serious situation indeed.  Humans crave safe touch and this begins in the cradle.  The healthy growth of neurological and other systems in the infant body are accelerated with careful infant massage.   And of course it enhances a loving bond between parent and child.

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