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Fun With Fingers And Toes

Jin Shin people like to have fun.  Fingers and toes are a simple, easy way to do that.  Children have an innate wisdom about this, and they will often hold fingers or toes to feel better.  In this way, we should all be more like children!  

Each finger represents a particular kind of emotional state.  Here are the basics:

THUMB………………..spleen/stomach ………nervousness, anxiety

RING FINGER………lung/large intestine…..sadness, grief, depression

MIDDLE FINGER…..liver/gall bladder……….anger, irritation, rage

INDEX FINGER……..kidney/bladder………….chronic fear, panic, shock

LITTLE FINGER…….heart/small intestine….critical nature, trying too hard


JSJ helps relieve these tensions.  In fact, just holding your own fingers can help tremendously.

There are also many ways to help the physical system through holding fingers and toes.

The toes are also parts of energy circuits for the meridians and holding them can help, if you can reach them.

This is an example of how Jin Shin Jyutsu is older than Japan and made up of many Asian techniques.  In India, people use complex hand positions called “mudras” for a similar purpose.  You might have seen Indian statues which are showing the mudra hand positions.

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