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Ethical Considerations

If you are new to massage, you may have questions about how it is performed.  Licensed and certified massage therapists are legally required to abide by a code of medical ethics, and to periodically renew their training.  Ethics covers many things, and here are a few of them:

Before your first treatment, the therapist will take a medical history, to be aware of any contraindications for certain types of massage, or massage in certain areas.  Your history will be thoroughly discussed with you ahead of time, so plan for additional time at your first session.

Be assured that your privacy, as a massage client, is respected at all times.  You are always kept “professionally draped” and the therapist should be alert to any signs that you are uncomfortable with the process in any way.  You should be allowed to express what you are experiencing, pro or con.  This includes the state of the massage environment.  Temperature, noise levels, table comfort, and many other factors contribute to a good massage experience.  There should be sufficient standards for cleanliness, including hygienic sheets, towels, implements, and surroundings.

I encourage my clients to speak up instead of “enduring” an unpleasant situation.  There are many types of massage clients, and they all want something different. We understand that. Do not worry that the therapist might take offense. We need that information for a successful therapeutic outcome.

A professional massage therapist understands appropriate “boundaries.”  Experience helps us to be acutely sensitive to this.   If you feel at any time that your boundaries, physical or otherwise, are not being respected, speak up!   You should not have to worry about this at my office.  However, some of my clients have had previous unpleasant experiences.  We have needed to talk about their rights as massage clients.

As a professional therapist, I too have the right to refuse service of an inappropriate nature.  This is a practice for medically therapeutic massage and relaxation.  Less legitimate requests will not be honored.

Above all else . . .

Please be aware that, after sharing clinical information, it is determined that massage is not in your best interest, or that there is a more urgent need that is not being addressed, that we are required to refer you on for more appropriate treatment elsewhere.

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