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Deep Tissue

Deep-tissue covers a wide range of techniques.  Fundamentally, it is used to describe the application of a moderate degree of pressure to the deeper layers of tissue, usually muscle.  It is therapeutic for a number of reasons.  It breaks up old adhesions and trigger points to clear circulation blockages.  It should lessen or eliminate pain both at the site and in referral areas often distant from the site.   If properly performed, the deeper work encourages endorphin release and sedation of nerve impulses (i.e., gets rid of pain).   It should accelerate healing of damaged tissue.  You can have trigger points in almost any tissue, including bone.

Trigger Point and Deep Tissue techniques have evolved over the years.  It is not necessary to “beat up” a person to relieve pain/dysfunction.  There is a small chance that, after your first visit, you may experience slight after-soreness.  This does not happen often.  Most people are OK with this.  It should disappear with successive treatments.*  There will be folks who will want the therapist to put a good elbow into their sore muscle.  I can do that, judiciously.  But you would be surprised at how fast you can get relief just by working the right area, as opposed to beating up what you think is the right area and making it worse!

I have had clients who are afraid to try deep tissue based on previous negative experiences with similar therapy.  At Columbus Jin Shin Jyutsu, they are usually pleased to find that they can have deep tissue work without such complications.

Deep tissue massage can improve mobility and provide dramatic relief from pain.  It is helpful (some say essential) to good sports and fitness training.  It aids and speeds injury recovery.  It helps correct alignment problems and issues of imbalance.

You should always find a trained therapist for deep tissue work.  That’s why the state of Ohio requires a formal medical license for this clinical modality.

*Conditions such as fibromyalgia should be handled differently from conventional deep tissue massage.  I am experienced in massage for fibromyalgia.  Please call for more information.

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