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Color and Sound

Color and sound are being increasingly researched with regard to holistic healing.  In simplest terms, color and sound are just different vibrational frequencies which manifest in our sensory organs as the phenomena of “color” and “sound.”  I.e., that is how we interpret faster or slower wavelengths of essentially the same thing.  Physicists may correct me on some minor points, but you get the idea.   So everything reduces to these different speeds or vibrational frequencies.  And yet using color or sound in therapy can be so potent.   We are just beginning to understand how powerful that can be.

We have an intuitive awareness of how color makes us feel, and it can vary with the individual.  Clairvoyant individuals (who can sense things most of us can’t) tell us that our energy bodies are quite colorful, and the particular colors can reflect our state of health.  It is thought that different parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies, seen as colors by the intuitive.  Likewise, one may lack enough of a color, or have too much of another . . . hence, our preferences, dislikes of, or even addictions to certain colors.

Although much of color therapy theory is still controversial, some of it is more accepted now.  For example, for many people, yellow is a mentally stimulating color, and being around it will help clarity of thinking.  (Wear yellow on test day!)  And blue tends to be a calmative, unless it is carried to extreme, in which case it can be depressing.  Red is activating, energizing, sometimes overstimulating or aggravating.  But if you crave red, perhaps you lack it in your natural energy.

Color choice in the holistic environment is very important, as it can enhance healing.

Likewise, sound can be therapeutic in its own way.  Personally, I choose my therapy music with great care that it is relaxing and restful, yet lifting, not depressing.  And the client should always be given the choice to refuse music for any reason.

But the right music or sound can be profoundly helpful in taking the client to a deeper state wherein true healing can commence.

Color and sound both can be used in healing in many creative ways.  Ask about it!

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